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FOCUS news magazine recognizes Dr. Bachmann
FOCUS Top-Ophthalmologists for 2013 and again in 2014

Auszeichnung Focus


50,000 Cataract operations since 1995 - renewed vitality following successful cataract surgery


The first Femtosecond-laser in the Aschaffenburg region - a leap in cataract-technology!


70,000 Cataract Operations since 1995

→ 50.000 Cataract Operations since 1995
A. Wan Omar, Dr. Bachmann, Dr. Lipka, Dr. Walter-Fincke, Dr. Kasper


Behind these numbers are 70,000 individual stories: People who can view the world clearly again and enjoy renewed vitality following sucessful cataract surgery. The trust of 70,000 patients alone is the best reward for our longterm development of eye surgery in Aschaffenburg... and a great incentive for the future!

Thank you for your trust,
Your Team ot the Augenklinik Aschaffenburg